Your Rights as a consumer

We don’t think about what we would do in an accident until it happens and then the stress of injuries, vehicle damage, and insurance claims can lead us to make quick decisions.  

Preparation goes a long way and there are things that you, the consumer, should know about when it comes to your rights when involved in an accident. 

Please consider the following before you speak to your insurance company

Your rights in an accident

It is YOUR CHOICE to choose the registered shop where you want to have your automobile repaired. Your insurance company CANNOT direct you otherwise, unless you specifically ASK them.

Your insurance company has contractual agreements with “direct repair facilities” and if asked they will recommend their preferred partners.  Not all shops are alike, some are better equipped with trained technicians and the proper equipment needed to fix your vehicle damage so making a well informed decision is important.

You may also get referrals from friends and family of where to take your vehicle.  However, we work for YOU and not your insurance company.  So ultimately, no matter what you hear, the decision is YOURS.

You are not required to get one or more estimates

Your insurance company MUST negotiate in good faith.  You are entitled to a prompt settlement to repair your car to its pre-accident condition

You are not required to take your car to the insurance company’s drive-in claim service

The insurance company has six business days after proper notification to inspect your car. If additional damage is found after dismantling, the insurance company has two business days to reinspect after proper notification.

You are not obligated to have your car repaired to receive payment from a insurance company. Don’t let your insurance company intimidate you, remember you pay them for their service and satisfaction.  

If your car is towed to an auto body shop from the scene of an accident, you are not required to use that shop. You can request another auto body shop to pick up your car.

Dynamic Auto Body accepts all forms of insurance and will travel to your location to provide an estimate.  Our work is lifetime guaranteed.

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